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The insurance company Orbita, was founded in Moscow in 1992 as a specialized insurance company. One of our founders was the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, the creator of the unique Topol-M and Bulava missile systems.

IC Orbita is a dynamically developing insurer with a universal portfolio of services. The license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation SI No. 0326, SL №0326 of 26.02.2018 gives the right to sell all the most popular types of insurance, namely:

  • Health insurance;
  • Insurance against accidents and diseases;
  • Insurance of means of land transport (with the exception of means of railway transport);
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Insurance of means of water transport;
  • Insurance of property of legal entities, with the exception of vehicles and agricultural insurance;
  • Insurance of property of citizens, except for vehicles;
  • Motor third party liability insurance;
  • Insurance of civil liability of organizations operating hazardous facilities;
  • Insurance of civil liability for causing harm, use of shortcomings in goods, works, services;
  • Insurance of civil liability for causing harm to third parties;
  • Insurance of business risks;
  • Insurance of financial risks;

Civil liability insurance for failure to perform or improper performance of obligations under the contract.
IC Orbita is a member of the All-Russian Union of Insurers - self-regulating organizations with regard to the type of insurance organizations (Decision of the Bank of Russia of December 06, 2016 No.КФНП-51). Certificate No. 199 of May 17, 2017.
Ensuring the financial stability and solvency of the Insurer is confirmed by fully paid-up authorized capital of 146 million rubles. Article 25. Conditions for ensuring financial stability and solvency of the insurer, point 3). Article 25. Conditions for providing financial stability and solvency of the insurer, point 3).

Rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) has raised the reliability rating of the insurance company "Orbita" to the level of ruSСS (which corresponds to the B rating compared to the previous scale). The rating is stable forecast.

Reliability and financial stability of the Company are provided by insurance reserves, sufficient own funds, as well as professional risk assessment. IC "Orbita" pays special attention to reinsurance policy. Competent reinsurance protection gives additional guarantees to the Insured for timely receipt of insurance compensation in full, as well as confidence in the long-term reliability of the Insurer. The leading Russian insurance and reinsurance companies are partners in reinsurance. Own means of the insurer considerably exceed external obligations and form a margin (margin) of solvency.

The insurance field of IC Orbita is growing every year. Now the Company serves a stable client base, which consists of more than 10,000 enterprises all over Russia. IC "Orbita" trust, and this confidence is reflected in the growth rate of premium insurance premiums, which by the end of 2014 amounted to 180.5 million rubles. rubles, which significantly exceeded the figures for 2013. According to the data of the Bank of Russia, according to the results of 2016, LLC IC "Orbita" took 151 place in terms of the volume of the collected premium, 6th place in the insurance of civil liability for causing harmful goods, works, services. As of 31.03.2017 the assets of the insurer amounted to 285 million rubles, own funds - 216.5 million rubles, authorized capital - 146 million rubles.

Specialization in enterprise insurance. Building sector. Mining.

IC Orbita accelerates the procedure for payment of compensation to victims and, most often, produces them in pre-trial order.

The main approach to the development and achievement of maximum financial results for IC Orbita is the search for new opportunities, competent segmentation, the selection of profitable niches, the creation of useful insurance products, the reinforcement of their uniqueness and the practice of professional staff.

Since 2011, the priority for IC "Orbita" has been the development of an agency network throughout Russia. Now customers across the country have access to insurance products from more than 40 agents in many regions of the country.

IC Orbita today is:

  • Reliability.
  • Provision of resources.
  • Honored trust.
  • A unique and friendly service.
  • A real close-knit team of professionals.
  • Quick settlement of losses.
  • Tariff policy in the interests of the client.
  • Useful, understandable and affordable insurance products.
  • New technologies for the sale of products and services.

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